Two US Congressmen to visit Bangladesh on four-day trip

Ed Case is a Democratic representative from Hawaii. Richard McCormick is a Republican representative from Georgia….reports Asian Lite News

The representatives of the Congress, Ed Case and Richard McCormick will be arriving in Dhaka on August 12 for a four-day visit to Bangladesh, reported Dhaka Tribune.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abdul Momen confirmed their visit, according to Dhaka Tribune.

“We welcome the visit. The Biden administration is sending delegations one after another to strengthen our bilateral relations. This is a good sign,” he said.

Moreover, according to the Foreign Minister, the visit will be focused on the Rohingya situation since the US is a big donor to the refugees residing in Cox’s Bazar fleeing “ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.”

“So far, I know they will go to Cox’s Bazar to visit Rohingya camps after arrival. Before leaving Dhaka, they will meet me,” he said.

Moreover, Ed Case is a Democratic representative from Hawaii, whereas, Richard McCormick is a Republican representative from Georgia, Dhaka Tribune reported.

Ed Case is a Democratic representative from Hawaii. Richard McCormick is a Republican representative from Georgia.

Moreover, the congressmen are also supposed to meet the political leaders from both the ruling Awami League as well as, the opposition, according to the officials.

However, their visit comes right before the general elections in which the US showed interest. Additionally, US President Joe Biden’s administration announced a policy to restrict visas for those standing in the way of holding free and fair elections which are scheduled to be held in January, reported Dhaka Tribune.

Earlier, in a letter to Joe Biden, six members of the US Congress urged him to intervene in Bangladesh’s election process.

Furthermore, in another letter, 14 Congressmen asked the US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield to take the required measures against the government ahead of Bangladesh’s general elections.

Amid US reservations over Bangladesh holding free and fair elections, the relationship between the two countries is falling out, according to informed sources.

US believes that Awami League has been violating norms of free and fair elections by not allowing the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) to participate in the elections.

Bangladesh is scheduled to hold general elections by January 2024 and the US wants them to be free of electoral manipulation and misconduct.

The US feels that as part of democratic practices which the US is pro-actively pursuing in different countries which they aid and support, there is a need for adherence to free and fair elections and Bangladesh is far from this status. (ANI)

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