PM Modi Invites Students to G20 University Connect Event

This event holds significance as it presents a platform for academic institutions to directly interact with the country’s top leadership…reports Asian Lite News

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is set to host an event, ‘G20 University Connect,’ on Tuesday, September 26, facilitating an interaction between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the academic community.

Professor Manish R Joshi, Secretary UGC, announced this significant initiative.

The event, scheduled to take place at Bharat Mandapam, will bring together Vice-Chancellors, principals, faculty members, and students from universities and colleges across the nation.

PM Modi will engage in discussions and dialogues with these academic leaders, underlining the importance of higher education in India’s growth and development.

Earlier in a post on Linkedin PM Modi invited students to the G20 University Connect event.

“Over the last one year, the G-20 University Connect programme brought together India’s Yuva Shakti. The initiative, spanning the entire year, proved to be incredibly fulfilling, yielding highly satisfying outcomes. It showcased to the world how our youth have emerged as vibrant cultural envoys, who have cemented enduring connections with the G-20 fraternity” the Prime Minister said.

“One particularly noteworthy event was the “Model G20 Meeting,” where students from 12 different nations, including 10 G20 countries, came to discuss the theme “Youth for LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment)” PM Modi added.

“During the special G-20 University Connect programme, I am eager to hear and gain insights from the experiences of our Yuva Shakti. Their enriching journey is bound to ignite inspiration among the youth of our nation. I particularly urge all the youngsters to join this unique endeavour” the Prime Minister further said.

This event holds significance as it presents a platform for academic institutions to directly interact with the country’s top leadership.

It provides an opportunity for stakeholders in the education sector to share their ideas, concerns and aspirations with the PM, fostering collaboration and innovation in the field of higher education.

In his post the PM highlighted the event’s importance in fostering higher education excellence.

“The G-20 University Connect initiative has witnessed many programmes under its banner. These programmes have been held across the length and breadth of India and have witnessed extensive participation from higher education institutions” the Prime Minister wrote on Linkedin.

“The ‘G20 University Connect’ event is poised to be a landmark occasion for the Indian education system, emphasizing the government’s commitment to promoting excellence in higher education and research,” PM Modi added.

In the programme, Prime Minister Modi will speak about the recently held G20 Summit and discuss the challenges ahead with students and the new generation

The direct engagement between the PM and academic leaders will serve as a catalyst for initiatives that can further elevate India’s standing in the global education landscape. (ANI)

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