2 Indian-origin Israeli security officers killed in Hamas attack

According to Shahaf’s testimony, on October 7, she and her friend Yanir, who was at the party, saw the rockets flying over their heads...reports Asian Lite News

At least two Israeli women security officers of Indian origin were killed in the unprecedented attack carried out by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas earlier this month, official sources and people from the community confirmed on Sunday.Lieutenant Or Moses, 22, a commander in the Home Front Command, from Ashdod and Inspector Kim Dokraker, a Border Police officer in the police’s Central District, were killed in the attack on October 7, officials confirmed.Both of them are said to have died on duty in combat.According to officials, so far 286 army soldiers and 51 police officers have been killed in the conflict.There could be more victims as Israel continues to confirm the identity of the dead and search for those missing or possibly kidnapped, several community members said.One young woman from the community, Shahaf Talker, who managed to survive the attack with her friend shared a testimony of what she went through that day through her grandfather.Still in shock and unable to speak because of the mental agony, the 24-year-old woman thought that putting it out in writing would ease some of her stress, said her grandfather Yaacov Talker who migrated from Mumbai at the age of 11 in 1963.

“Early today Shahaf went to the funeral of some of her friends who were killed in the massacre that happened at the rave music party where about 270 youngsters were killed in mass killings carried out by Hamas after infiltrating Israeli territory,” said Mr Talker who now lives in Petah Tikva, a town in northern Israel.According to Shahaf’s testimony, on October 7, she and her friend Yanir, who was at the party, saw the rockets flying over their heads.”What is that?” I asked him. “Missiles,” he answered. “We started running to the car, and I fell on the floor crying and Yanir picked me up, grabbed my hand and told me “Everything is fine, let’s fly away, we have to get home”,” she said.”We got into the car and started driving, we drove fast. The police said to turn right but this was not the road to Tel Aviv, so we turned back and turned to the other side, the mistake of our lives or we were saved, only God knows, in the direction of Tel Aviv.

They were waiting for us, blocking the road, three vans, about 8 terrorists,” she said.”Yanir quickly realised that they were aiming guns at us and turned the car around as fast as he could. One bullet hit the front windshield, passed right between me and Yanir… the whole car was sprayed with bullets, and all the windows were broken,” Shahaf said.She said the terrorists were firing at them without hesitation. “We drove to the other side; they were waiting for us there as well. We met a couple of friends who told us there were terrorists on the other side as well, we all got out of the car and ran. We tried to hide ourselves in the bush,” she said.”Until it was quiet, not exactly quiet, just fewer bullets flying overhead, we checked what was happening and decided to return to the vehicles,” she said.Shahaf said they drove until they saw a gas station. “Yanir decided to head there and he found 18 people from the same party inside the gas station,” she recalled.”I can’t believe we survived this… we were left with one security guard with a gun. For three hours, we were dying of fear, calling everyone possible to save us,” she said.

“The army arrived, (they said) ‘run to the vehicles, as many people as possible in each vehicle, save yourselves, just drive’,” she recalled.”We succeeded, Moshav Teluma’s security personnel waved at us from the fence and led us to the most perfect family in the world, who took care of us,” she added.She felt sorry for the victims of the attack by Hamas terrorist.”This story is sad, I was saved but piles of my friends are lying in piles of corpses, may your memory be blessed, they abandoned us in the field, I’m sorry. Sharing it so that everyone knows the horrors!!!” she added.Her grandfather, Talker said that it has been very difficult the past week to deal with the trauma she went through. “She is still in shock. It will take her a lot of time to come out of it,” he said.

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