Dining delights in Dubai: A culinary journey through diverse flavors

The diversity of people from all over the world living together in Dubai’s unique city brings out the best of the city’s gastronomy. Chinese, Indian, Emirati, French, and Middle Eastern cuisines are among the most widely offered…reports N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

Dubai is a true tapestry, a city that has the best of both worlds. It is a family-friendly oasis with a diverse selection of cuisine, fun, and activities available both indoors and outdoors. Its eye-catching architecture will undoubtedly leave you speechless, but the food there will transport you into the world of lusciousness.

Despite its reputation as a tourism and luxury destination, ‘The City of Dreams’ is also making its mark on the global culinary map. With 14 Michelin-starred restaurants on record and its sinfully delicious ‘Shawarma’, traveling the world with a twist of its own regional flavour, surely Dubai is emerging as a gastronomy hub with the passing of time.


As the saying goes, “We eat with our eyes first,” therefore plating and presentation are critical to enhance one’s eating experience. And Dubai has it all for you, down to the minute details that the chefs and team put into work at the kitchen counter to make meals look appetising is a work of art.

Fine Food

Conscious living entails not just modifying our surroundings and managing our time wisely but also paying attention to what we put inside our bodies. To be mindful of how much sugar or salt is appropriate for one’s body, as well as the temperature at which food should be prepared, all of the minor aspects should be considered. And all you have to do is ask, and they will listen. The busiest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) serves some of the finest food customised to our lifestyle, taste buds, and preferences. 

The diversity of people from all over the world living together in Dubai’s unique city brings out the best of the city’s gastronomy. Chinese, Indian, Emirati, French, and Middle Eastern cuisines are among the most widely offered.

Escargots, shell-baked snails prepared in burgundy-style garlic shallot herb butter, known as a part of French cuisine at Couqley to PANASA (Jackfruit) dumpling bringing in the North-East Indian cuisines, an exotic blend of mouth-watering dishes from its diverse regions and foreign influence at Avatara. Dubai offers a mouthful burst of diversity through its gastronomy.  

Sizzling Spots

Now that we know the basics, let’s look at some of the scrumptious spots you can swing by with your family and friends to feast on the best cuisines in the heart of Dubai.

Avatara (Indian cuisine): The only Indian vegetarian restaurant in Dubai to be awarded a Michelin star in 2023, AVATARA emphasises locally sourced, seasonal ingredients that are presented with flair. The one Michelin-star restaurant, located in the intimate space formerly occupied by Trèsind Studio at Voco Hotel, offers an intimate experience with only 24 customers per night. Each dish from the 16-course meal is served with an accompaniment of an explanation of the ingredients and their history, as well as a personal anecdote from the chef. And if you’re a parent, going out for dining with kids can be difficult, with swirling feelings of will the kid perform fine or will my kids appreciate the food. But don’t worry, Avatara has your back with a kids special menu titled “Kids Degustation Menu”.

Hutong (Chinese cuisine): Enter a world full of Eastern promise inspired by the Silk Road where China and Arabia meet. Hutong takes glamorous dining to a new level serving award-winning Northern Chinese cuisine, amazing dim sum, and creative cocktails.

Couqley (French cuisine): If you enjoy flambéing and sautéing meals, this is the place for you. Couqley is a must-visit if you want to sample a plethora of French cuisine prepared and presented with taste and style in a friendly atmosphere. Opened in June 2016, this locally developed restaurant offers a memorable dining experience blending authentic flavors.

Asia Asia (Pan Asian cuisine): The multi-award-winning Asia Asia restaurant and lounge, located at Piers 7 building, facing the Dubai Water Canal, Business Bay, is a place full of life and fun for friends and family visiting to rejuvenate. While you wait for your orders, enjoy the Akai Yoroboic mocktail with your pals. 

Operation Falafel (Arabic cuisine): Operation Falafel, located in Downtown Dubai, is a must-visit for those looking to sample authentic Arabic street food. Devour Arabic cuisine by dipping or spreading your Falafel and Shawarmas in Hummus, one of the town’s best local specialties.

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